Estimating ® Fee

Our rates are $10 – $25 per hour. We can also give you a lump sum billing estimate in advance after going through the job plans. We will only bill for jobs completed to your satisfaction. Pricing can vary due to size of job and how many trades you need.

Our Fee depends on Scope of Work and Project’s Size but for sake of continuous business – our fees are/will always be very minimum with average turnaround time 2 to 3 working days and we handle all kind of construction projects (Residential, Commercial etc.).

Best way to know about the exact fee of your project is to send us the plans via PDF, Dropbox link, or Google Drive etc. We will review and get back to you with our proposal for Exact Fee and Turnaround Time. When sending the plans, please do mention whether you would be bidding the whole project as a GC or Selected Trades so that we can review and provide you our Proposal of Fee and ETA accordingly. Email us:

In determining the project fee that the design professionals should charge involves many factors. Some of the more identifiable, specific information needed

Scope of the project

Time duration

Size of the project

Building systems

Overall construction budget